services available


Our mechanical workshop is equipped with everything we need to repair and refurbish your hydraulic pumps and motors. We can even rebuilt certain parts to extend the life of your equipment.

We also have a high-capacity 200HP test bench that allows us to certify the quality of our repairs and ensure a job well done.

A test report will consequently be produced, thereby guaranteeing our work.

We are the only ones to have such a test bench in the Eastern Townships!


We have a state-of-the-art hydraulic cylinder repair department.

Our technicians have designed a specific table for dismantling and reassembling hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders which allows precise work and faster repairs.

We also have a grinding machine for cylinder tubes and a 25,000 lbs/ft piston torque wrench.


Thanks to our fully equipped mobile units, we offer installation, diagnostic and repair services directly on your job site.

Whether it is for a simple routine repair or for the complete installation of an hydraulic system, do not hesitate to call on our team of professionals.


You have a project in mind? You want to acquire a power unit that will perfectly meet your needs? Entrust Hydraulique CT with this task!

Design, production, choice of components, manufacture and installation; our team will provide you with a turnkey, professional and courteous service.


Thanks to our experienced technicians and our modern equipment, your machining projects come to life at Hydraulique CT. We can cut, assemble and weld a wide variety of metals.

Our machine shop also allows us to reduce repair times, since we can manufacture the parts directly in on site.


Whether for flexible hoses or rigid pipes, we have the equipment and skills to manufacture the conduit you need.

We can produce flexible hoses up to 2 inches and rigid pipes up to 1.5 inches.

No need to make an appointment, come visit us at Hydraulique CT and we will manufacture what you are looking for.